International Women’s Day– Celebrate a Young Woman and Dare Her To Dream

Ruth Catchen Reach for the Stars!


In some ways, the idea that we need to have a day to celebrate women or a month, March is Women in History Month, seems ridiculous.

Women should be celebrated all the time. There should be equal ideas and equal opportunities. Although men and women are different, the possibilities should not be different or limited because one person is female.

I focus on women and their achievements daily. I serve to inspire young women to be their best selves, be what they dream. What is difficult in this pursuit is the fact that young women cannot see or know someone who does or is in reality, what they dream. Role models are invaluable, but not always possible. In school, students see teachers who are women, administrators who are women, counselors who are women and maybe some other assorted professions who are women. Although a field trip or special seminar may…

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