Thoughts about what comprises a VALUE ADDED STEM Education: Use Growth Mindset and Divergent Thinking

Reblogging this post from a while back. with all of the hype around STEM and what it is and how to do it, I think it is worthwhile to consider what the goal(s) really are.

Ruth Catchen Reach for the Stars!

                                     engineer design small

STEM means different things to different people and as an educator, I need to be sure everyone is on the same page in beginning to implement STEM and intertwine it into the classroom.  STEM itself is a group of integrated disciplines through which students can learn all subjects. It is a protocol for learning based on the fundamental engineering design process. Through this process students can become STEM Literate and ready to be resourceful, contributing citizens.

One of the biggest factors to consider and understand when learning about what STEM education really is and what it does, is to consider the value addedto what already exists. If there is no value added then why bother? STEM education provides an opportunity for the total to be greater than the sum of…

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