Ruth Catchen Bio and Contact Information

Ruth Catchen received her Bachelor of Music degree from American University and her Master of Music degree from The Catholic University of America, in Vocal Performance and performed with many distinguished opera companies, conductors and orchestras in the United States. During that time, she created a series of lecture recitals called “opera coffees” in which she performed and discussed the history of pieces of music and operatic traditions. Later in her career, she turned her direction to music education and founded a youth chorale with the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra in Naples, Florida. This group grew from 45 children to over a hundred from a three county area. They performed with the orchestra as well as with well-known conductors such as Pops great, Erich Kunzel.
After moving to Colorado, Catchen focused her attention to public education, hoping to better its quality and depth. She received her second master’s degree in 2007 from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in Curriculum and Instruction/Leadership. Since then, she has worked in developing arts integrated curriculum programs for various schools and school districts. Her work has included the creation, development and marketing of educational programs through social media. Through her work with Incite! Paths to Excellence, Ruth brings educational opportunities to disadvantaged youth, schools, and other non-profit organizations. Her passion is to promote excellent instruction that supports teachers and to bring education and the arts to life for children by connecting the arts to other core academics. That passion has allowed her to write her educational blog, Ruth Catchen – Reach for the Stars, and to contribute to other educational blogs and white papers. Currently, Catchen is developing STEAM-mates, an online and Ipad integrated application to develop STEM skills through the arts. Along with being the the Artist-In-Residence at Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy in Colorado Springs, Catchen was recently published in the peer-reviewed The STEAM Journal and appointed to a National task force to create a protocol for STEAM education. She serves as the Co-Chair for The Girls’ STEM Experience in Southern Colorado and on the think tank to create STEM standards for the Colorado Department of Education.





  1. I was very excited to read a few of your articles and view your site. Do you know of any Seminars or conventions which cater to vertical alignment of TK-8th grade arts standards? Local or otherwise?

    • Hi Heather,

      Thank you for your nice comment. In answer to your question, I don’t know specifically of any conference or seminar that helps align arts (assuming the new national core arts standards). I have worked on incorporating them with other academic content and done PD for such both in person and virtually. I would be interested in knowing more specifics of what you are seeking. I hope you are involved with other staff in PLCs or other collaborative efforts aside from only arts-both are important. If you want more information or to talk, you can email me at Thank you for reading!

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