STEM or STEAM – What Does It Really Mean and How Do We Do It?

STEAM has come a long way in its development over the past few years. In doing my own research, I found this post written in December of 2011. In this the testing season, I thought it important to reflect on what learning really is.

Ruth Catchen Reach for the Stars!

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

      ~ Albert Einstein ~

Every day there is a new tweet, article, post, or blog on the importance of STEM education, and recently with the addition of the arts – STEAM.  Reading this information makes me happy as it is a strategy I have long endorsed. When I began research and development in this area not that many years ago, arts integration was happening, but only in a few places. Those programs such as the CAPE program in the Chicago schools were successful and articles and books have been published lauding these programs. Putting the Arts in the Future: Reframing education the 21st Century edited by Nick Rabin and Robin Redmond was published in 2004, and even more important Howard Gardner published Art, Mind and Creativity  in 1982. Actually there are many important books…

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