Happy New Year – Reevaluate and Make Choices

newpage()I am a few days late. I have thought about the past year, the new year and how all of this impacts my life and others. No wonder I don’t sleep!

Seriously, I think the dawning of a New Year is a great time to recollect and summarize the past year, and yes, to begin again. I don’t cast off the last year as if it were bad, because for me it wasn’t. For the world, I think there were a lot of significant happenings with so much violence, destruction from storms and nature and a very rough economy.

So time to recollect, evaluate, take responsibility, and then take action.  Life is always a mixture of things, but it is best to take responsibility for your own happiness and choices. So much of happiness comes from perspective – whatever or however you view it – the glass half empty or half full. I believe it is best to be grateful daily and find what is good, or if nothing else, what could be worse. It boosts well-being. After doing that, it is much easier to contribute to the world and do what you can to do your small part to make it a better world.

For some people this mission is easy, for some, it eludes them forever. Take a long hard look at yourself, who you are, faults and all. Then, accept yourself, improve what you can and use your  strengths to be your best self . This process changes how you feel about life. It is impossible for others to view your life. No one knows what it is like to walk in your shoes or have your experiences. We are the sum total of our experiences and we each have a unique personality that reacts to circumstances. Because one has better fortune is no reason to resent or applaud them. Some of this is the luck of the draw. How we view our circumstances and what we do with our self to contribute is another thing. No matter who you are or where you are in your life, I believe giving back always improves life in general. It boosts self-esteem and at the same time, helps others.

So why I am rambling on about this–happiness, and finding happiness? I think that is my message for the New Year. Happiness is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder’s responsibility. What makes me feel good or happy may not be what makes you feel good or happy. Much of this is the perspective with which we view our life. Do something for others and I guarantee you will feel better. Do something that takes little or nothing from you. It isn’t about money or having or giving large sums of money. Although that is nice and a good thing, you can do things for others without it. Give of yourself and your time. It is priceless. At the same time, this type of giving will open doors. You may meet new people or make new friends. You will have new experiences and value your own life more. Think about it. Would you ever really want to be in someone else’s life?  Think about what you don’t know about that person’s life.  Get into your own life and make it the best and happiest one you can.

Find something you love to do and dedicate yourself to it. Do a little something every day to make the world or even just a family member’s life a bit brighter. It takes nothing from you and can give so much.

I learned many years ago as a musician that to express yourself creatively you must have something to say. Thanks to all of you for letting me do that through the almost 100K views on this blog.  My dream is for all children to have the opportunities for creative expression that are an open book. My job, my happiness, is to help to write that book.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!imgres

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