Curiosity as Inspiration — The Rover Roves!

The Rover Roves!

I hope you are following the progress and success of the Mars Science Laboratory Rover Curiosity as she begins her journey on Mars. This mission has made well-deserved momentary media stars of the scientists and engineers who have worked so long and hard on this mission. I am happy that there is a lot of media attention to this mission. So many others get daily attention in the media and for what? New romance or a new hair cut? Divorce and bad behavior?

The landing of the Mars Science Laboratory is historic and demonstrates hard work, creativity and innovation. Inspire students to dream big. Show them what it takes to make a dream reality. Display a vision and real imagination with the long process it takes to make it happen. The Mars Science Laboratory mission of the rover Curiosity is a perfect project for students to learn and follow. The frequent updates and log with so many photos of specific activities are innovation at work. Students can get to know the every day workings of the rover and its mission and discoveries.

The photos are incredible, clear and descriptive. You can see them along with mission videos and details HERE.

Moments of inspiration affect everyone. Each and every one of us can apply this hope, dream and reality to daily life and bring this inspiration in some small way to what you do every day. In the past few weeks, if I feel overwhelmed, not so wonderful about my life, or short on motivation, I hear these words and magic happens:

“TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED. WE ARE SAFE ON MARS,” said Allen Chen in Mission control Sunday August 5, 2012 at 10:30 PDT. 

Hey everyone! Collaboration, communication, creativity and ingenuity inspired those at JPL to put a rover the size of  a car on Mars. It was, conceived, designed and built at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California. We can do this!  Encourage students to follow this dream and create their own dream. Support those who have the skills to make a vision such as this one reality. With all that is happening in the world, focus on this positive event and support it. Give credibility to this innovation and hang on every move as the rover roves and discovers the Red Planet. Our spirit as humans is to discover and learn, to reach beyond what we can see.

Find your inspiration and follow your dream. It can be daunting to dream big, but everyone should have a dream in which they believe. I know that sometimes things change and compromise is needed, but don’t give up on the dream. Kids should be allowed and encouraged to be inspired. You never know what can happen. DREAM BIG and let yourself BE INSPIRED.

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