Social Media in the Classroom — Explore the BENEFITS!

Fundamental support for social media in the classroom comes from the  belief that for a quality education schools, administrators and teachers must meet students where they are.  

What does your school community think about social media use in school?
Are teachers and parents using social media?
Are students using social media outside of school?
Have you discussed the responsible use of social media and its possible benefits?
Is social media being used in any way in school?
Benefits of Social Media in the Classroom:
  • žWho am I?
  • žHow do I want to be viewed?
  • žAccountability – The Internet is forever!
  • žEngage with others
  • žHave meaningful conversations
  • žBuild community – Encourage Camaraderie
Positive uses for Social Media in the Classroom:
  • žUse blogging as a tool to express an opinion and stimulate creative thought – Enhance CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS.
  • žIntroduce Social Media in relation to the curriculum and classroom activities.
  • žUse social Media to encourage students to understand world events and take  a stand on current issues.
  • Use Social Media for students to create goals for their own improvement.
  • Iphone and Android education apps.
  • Enhance writing skills with class blogs and wikis.
  • žUse Social Media as an appropriate educational tool NOT a place for students to update their Facebook status.
Possible ways to use social media and technology for educational benefit:
  • Gaming
  • Cell phone
  • Virtual networks – connect with university and use their resources(labs etc)
  • Ipad
  • Computers
  • Always want to keep the students engaged with a human – the teacher

Do research and report on schools that are successfully integrating web 2.0 tools into the curriculum and how they have done so.

I think it is an excellent idea for a district or school that is thinking about incorporating social media into the learning experience to have a town hall meeting with informed personnel to present this concept and  answer questions.

INTEGRITY:  Those involved in the use of social media for educational purposes understand that this practice is for the benefit of children. All teachers, administrators or those connected with schools such as mentors or community partners must act with integrity and responsibility as the job implicates. Those who work with children hold the future in their hand. All students can learn and are good at something. Be the change that encourages this potential.

In summary :
  • žSocial Media can have a positive impact on learning.
  • žIt meets students where they are and engages them in activities to research, understand and apply knowledge.
  • žIt boosts social activities and can promote social/emotional well being through communication and connection.

Power Point on the use of social media for education :

How to set up a classroom blog:

Video :

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