It’s Mother’s Day–Celebrate the Children! Spoiler Alert:This one is personal

Happy Mother’s Day to all out there.  Today is special if you care about kids or you have some connection with them, and many of you may be mothers. As a young person, I didn’t think much about being a mother. I didn’t aspire to it. I didn’t think my life would not be complete without children. I just didn’t know. I don’t know why I didn’t know, I just didn’t. I knew I wanted a dog because I was never allowed to have one.

We celebrate Mothers once a year and all that they do and give to raise their children. Recent controversial remarks in the press have told us there is no harder job. I don’t think anyone said there is no more rewarding one. It is  a job for which no one can prepare you, and one that does not require a license or any prior education and training. It is a job pretty much anyone can get. It is a job we all do a bit differently, but most of us with all the love we can muster.

I can only speak for myself as a parent and I always feel like mother’s day is great, but use this opportunity to thank my children for giving me the chance to be their mother. This job is one that touches my heart with all the passion I can imagine.  This job is the one that made me realize how important children are, not just my children, but everyone’s children. I have been asked a lot of times what I did because my kids turned out well (at least so far, one is only 14). They observe and think it all has to do with me. I think a lot has to do with them. I have been told “you did a lot of things right…” I guess the truth is most parents do the best they can given what they know at the moment, what their values and life circumstances are. I think more of what I wish I could have done differently, what I would have dreamed for them. Life was not perfect ever, and sometimes much more challenging than ideal.

My daughter, in this picture, is a grown up. She lives far away and has a responsible job, takes care of herself and all the good things a parent can hope for. Actually it’s better than that – she has her dream job. She focused, worked hard and got results. Yes, I guess that is why people always ask me “how I did it.” I am a single parent, so suffice it to say it has not always been a smooth road. Again, I always focus on what I wish I could have done, although I couldn’t ask for more in the beautiful person she has become. It is enough for me.

This week she asked me if I could be around for a delivery Friday morning, and I arranged things to do so. The doorbell rang and I opened the door and there she was!  The best Mother’s Day present anyone could ever ask for. I can’t express the excitement I felt as I jumped up and down and tears filled my eyes.

Whatever I have done, good or bad, right or wrong, at that moment I knew it was okay. My heart warmed with love. I have always said that dreams really do come true, and they do.

Today on Mother’s Day, tell your kids how much you love them.  Mother’s Day would be meaningless without them.

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