Integrated Lessons from Earth Day

A perfect opportunity to teach about the earth and all of its offerings and at the same time, teach about protecting the earth for the future.

In a lesson about chemistry students learn about air quality, acid rain and ozone.  Fly a kite and learn about aerodynamics, wind and air currents.  Write a play about the earth and how to save it for the future.  Compose a song or write new words to a familiar tune that talk about the beauty of our planet. Have a poster contest for Earth Day. Start a new recycling project and share the results with your school. Volunteer in your community to clean up a park. Design a game with an eco-theme.  Create a science project that shows how to reuse or recycle waste products. Start a project to recycle clothing and distribute it to those in need. Do a survey and tally the results in your community that heightens awareness to keeping our air and water clean for the future and using less energy.

Plant a garden. Learn about foods with no additives or pesticides. Create new recipes for healthy snacks. Have an Earth Day lunch to display and eat what you have grown. Have music with earth themes of water, waves and blowing  breezes.

Discuss global warming and discover different eco-system like the tundra, the rainforest or the ocean.

It’s a great time to incorporate science, math and language arts into creative and hands-on experiences. At the same time, raise awareness to the needs to preserve and protect our beautiful earth. Below is a photo from NASA – a satellite image of our earth on Earth Day. Innovation, creativity and inspiration led to the technology  to have beautiful images such as this one. Integrate experiential activities and relate to current events. Foster interest in our Earth, the Sciences, and Engineering.

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