Ready for Takeoff…It’s Launch Time! No More Excuses! Quality Education Only!

Okay!  We are ready. I am not listening to any more excuses. I don’t want to hear “This is not the way we do it.”   Or, “We have always done it this way…”

Likewise, those who don’t want to ante up for education because they don’t have kids need to reconsider. This world is the one in which we all live. All citizens partake in the benefits of society–services, roads, health care and EDUCATION, and all of the people who provide all of these things must go through the education system. Do you want someone to service your furnace who really doesn’t have literacy skills or mechanical ability? Do you want surgery from a physician who may have graduated high school with a 5th grade reading level? Everyone loves their technology–instant entertainment with hundreds of cable channels. How does all of this happen?

Those who are short-sighted enough not to understand how our world is a community to which we all contribute in some way need to wake up. It is the responsibility of citizens to give back. How can you complain if you don’t contribute to making things better? I have said this before: They may not be your children, but it is your world.

Everyone needs to speak up to get schools on board to launch our children into the world.  In your town or city, on your block, there may be children who have unknown potential. We will never know their potential if the doors are not open.  We don’t know who may get the next spark of innovation or creativity, or what may inspire it. It is not serendipity or luck, it must be purposeful.

High quality instruction is the key. There can be no excuses. Higher education must re-evaluate their educational programs and create new ways to educate those who will educate. K-12 schools must revamp curriculum and the way it is implemented and assessed to suit the needs of TODAY and the needs of the FUTURE. We must create life long learners so that when our children go out into the world, they have tools to continue their quest for knowledge, education and improvement.

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  1. I run a small charity for children. I like the image of the world with the children around it. I wonder if you can tell me more about it. Is it under copyright? Is it a royalty free image?

    • Sorry for such a late reply–just saw this comment. The image is a “Stock Photo” which can be purchased very inexpensively. There are many similar ones on the internet, some which may not be subject to copyright. Or if copyright, you can request permission from the holder of the copyright and since you are non-profit, they may allow you to use the image with appropriate credit.

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