Thinking about Educational Budget Cuts . . . . SERIOUSLY?

I TRY TO REMAIN OPEN-MINDED. I have my political affiliations and I believe in my viewpoint, but I am never afraid to call out those I believe in or praise those I don’t.  I go to lengths to be as fair-minded as possible, given I have my opinions. I don’t intend to use this space as a launching pad for political thought. It is difficult because many aspects of education-especially FUNDING – have become quite political.     

OK, given my opinionated nature, I will try to remain as fair and neutral as possible. I must ask this question: Why don’t we as a country understand that our most important asset is our young investment in the future — OUR CHILDREN? Why is it acceptable to put less and less into public education and demand more with continual rhetoric? Cuts abound. Public education administrators have risen to the occasion to do more with less. But how far should that go?  All I hear is how we have fallen behind. Technology is moving ahead and we need to regain our position as a nation of innovation in science and mathematics. Those who have read this blog or care to look back at its many posts on science and technology will know my priorities. We must progress as a nation. We need to take care of our children. I believe in innovation and I believe in The United States.

So would someone please explain to me why we would even consider cutting any funding to education? Why do people think that this is a job for only parents? Why should parents be forced to consider private education when that is one of the great privileges of our country? Is there anything more valuable than the ability to read and write? Really. Struggling parents who lack the education themselves hope for the lives of their child/children to be different. Don’t tell me they don’t because THEY DO. In my humble opinion there is only one answer to poverty and that is EDUCATION.

So let’s do it. Let’s stop talking about decreasing taxes for those that can pay and afford to contribute to this society and give back to the world that has given you something.  We teach our children about community service and giving back. Everyone deserves a chance. We really don’t know what the jobs are going to be or what the world will be like in 20 or 30 years. The guarantee is if children receive a decent education, they will be able to succeed.

Regardless of your political affiliation, have it in your heart to save the children. Even if they aren’t your children, it will still be your world. Who knows what talents lie in the next generation.

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