Talk, talk talk -is education really a priority? IT MUST BE!!!!!!

You can hear it everywhere. Better education. Let’s bring schools into the 21st century. We need STEM education, We need STEAM. Bring on the arts – cultivate innovation and design. Enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills.

All good. I believe these words.  

Yet, along with these proclamations every day, all I see and hear in local news is to cut the education budget. Increase class size. Fewer teachers, and why add staff to help professional development and curriculum to meet the 21st century needs?  Jobs are increasing in every field but EDUCATION. Why is that?  Is not worth spending money on education for children and their future?

Let’s cut local budgets for education. Let’s give all the responsibility back to the states because most of them are doing such a great job and they have lots of money to put into education. (This is not to say that states aren’t doing a good job. They are stretched to capacity making it impossible to implement the initiatives they know are needed.)

Is this too confusing?  Let alone “let’s have an ipad for every student.” How is that supposed to happen?  Who is supposed to learn about all of those apps and keep up to date to coach teachers how to use this technology? Do teachers need more to do because they have too much time on their hands and it is all going so well?

Sorry about the rant but it is enough. People – I mean everyone not just parents – need to speak out. The future is at stake.

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