Kids Need To Belong to Something-The Benefit or Arts Education

The premise is this: Commit yourself and reap the benefits. Do the work and something worthwhile will result.

I believe these are the reasons for arts education. Music in particular has so many benefits.

  • The arts for their own sake are positive experience
  • Improve literacy and math skills
  • Prepares students for workplace by learning Teamwork, Collaboration and Communication skills.
  • Foster Creativity and Innovation and Design
  • Enhances Critical Thinking skills
  • Lowers drop-out rates, Improves school attendance

Music and other arts programs in schools can raise student achievement. Students social and emotional wellness improves. They learn to collaborate and to work with others for a common outcome. TEAMWORK.

Everyone can participate. It is not essentially about talent. It is about learning and cooperation. The most important thing is the child’s development. The music is second. Art and music communicate to everyone in some form. It is a source of pride, discipline and development. Creating stars of the future is not the goal. Creating memories, bonds and experiences that last a lifetime are. It is the music team or the painting team or the dance team. The arts are multi-dimensional and use all the senses. It is experience that transcends learning and memorizing.

There are school programs and after school programs – mentors and community organizations must be involved in the development and education of its youth. Invest the time and effort and reap the rewards.

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  2. like ur clipart, i think i really want to know more about taking care of teens better.

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