We need a reminder. Public school education is not about the adults. We need to refocus and revitalize our center of attention. It is about the children. How do we do this? So much attention is placed on teachers…they aren’t doing a good job…they are ineffective…we need better curriculum for teachers to implement. WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

We do need to remove ineffective teachers and administrators. Yes we do.  The focus, however, must remain on the students and what happens in the classroom. Let’s make the classroom child centered. Let the students take ownership in their learning. Let the teachers facilitate their innate curiosity. It is time for a paradigm shift.


Tests must reflect what we want students to learn. Everyone is evaluated or assessed in someway. Haphazard evaluation is not OK. Don’t move students on without evaluating where they are and that they are ready.  Not teaching to the test makes the tests better. Teaching to the test is memorizing certain facts and scenarios. True assessment or demonstration of knowledge is using what has been learned and applying it to solve a problem or draw a conclusion. Tests are not for teachers to try to fool students and see if they can trick them into not doing well, or make it too easy for them to do well. There are many ways to assess aside from the multiple choice fill in the circle variety. Assessments must be. We need to know if students get it or not. This is not a bad thing. Teacher evaluation is not totally dependent on the results of these tests. It is a multi-faceted evaluation on teaching/instruction effectiveness. It’s all about the students, not the adults.

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