Budget cuts continue to threaten the arts and creativity in the classroom for other subjects. Educating children for the future takes comprehensive curriculum that includes experiential learning and project based learning that is implemented in a variety of ways to suit all types of learners. Instruction is paramount to student acheivement.

Ruth Catchen Reach for the Stars!

 I don’t want to live in a world where creativity is not fostered and nurtured. It must be valued.  It is the mother of innovation.

That said, who wouldn’t encourage creativity, at least knowingly.  Parents are the first teachers. How they approach life and problems becomes the model for their children.

Do you look for an easy answer?  Someone else’s answer? Do you try to find inventive solutions to problems? Do you let anything stop you from solving the problem?

All of these questions are indicators to children. Every moment is a teaching moment for them. Actions DO speak louder than words.

The classroom is the same. Teachers offer information, model activities and guide students through learning independence. This is the typical blueprint of what is done in classrooms. I know there are many teachers out there who will say they go beyond that premise. Ask questions. Inspire discovery. Motivate…

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