How do you stay motivated ?

Is there a gene for those who are always disciplined or motivated? Is it a character trait?  What makes one want to always get better or do better and why or how does one keep on going?

Reach for the Stars

What makes you want to go there when I don’t want to? How do we keep ourselves motivated to appreciate each day and make the most of it?

I don’t have too much trouble being motivated. I do let the standards or  lack of them that others have get me down. Sometimes I feel like mediocrity abounds and I don’t want to be MEDIOCRE. Anything but mediocre. Yet I can’t say that I’m not.  I do lots of things at which I am mediocre and I still do them. I run almost every day and I really am barely mediocre at that. I cook and that has  a variety of outcomes depending on the day. I wouldn’t dare sew as I am really not even close to mediocre at that.  So what am I good at?  How do I push forward?  Are there others who don’t appreciate my hard work and discipline? You bet. Does that stop me? Nope. I need a pep talk from time to time to keep going to make the most of each day and try to be a better person as I evolve into my life. Do I feel this is often not valued? Yes, I do. So, why do I keep going? Trying?

Daniel Pink talks about motivation in his book DRIVE. If you haven’t read it,  read it – great food for thought. (Your welcome Dan!) I still don’t fully understand what motivates me and  the value I place on doing things for the intrinsic or extrinsic reward.  Is it what we observed, what we were taught, or something in our inner self that seeks approval or not? I think most of us are a lot more in the blue part of the triangle than the yellow. How do we discover what will put us in the yellow and how do we spend most of our time there?  Is that realistic?

I am thinking a lot about this topic, as I have always been motivated, if not always able to manifest that motivation into something positive (too much time in the “blue”). I think earnest motivation is a good trait to model for students. Learn and do good for its intrinsic value. Be the best you can be, your best self.   The death of Steve Jobs recharged me and now several weeks later with nothing really positive to move me forward, I say again, “What am I doing? Does my life matter?”

Often I feel like I want to do good and others won’t let me as it may take away their opportunity to be in the limelight. Protect your turf at all costs.  Why do people think the world is that small?

So, if I am not having difficulty being motivated why am I writing about it? I know lots of people have trouble being motivated. I have difficulty with people being threatened by my purpose or my energy, thus stomping their foot on my motivation. Reading this piece and thinking about it may drive you to ask yourself how you can encourage others to be the best they can be. Remember it is a big world and there is room in it for all of us. Collaborate and encourage.

About the book DRIVE by Daniel Pink :

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