The lessons of a 3 X 3

Why try to solve a Rubik’s cube?

  • Plan ahead
  • Understand strategy  
  • Work at something
  • Process
  • Practice  
  • Patterns  
  • Eye/Hand Coordination
  • Learn about Systems
  • Sometimes to go ahead, you must go backward
  • Take advice from those who may know more
  • Develop collaborative skills-teamwork
It’s about problem solving. You can see the outcome. You can set goals for yourself and try to improve. You compete with yourself, or if you choose, others.  It is a metaphor for life.
A number of years ago my son ventured to solve the cube. He did it, eventually getting down to around 12.3 seconds as his best time. (World record is less than half that).  He became obsessed. He collected cubes of all types and sizes and became facile at solving them. He attracted crowds-kids and adults alike. It put him the zone before a hockey game. It was his center and focus. Others wanted to compete with him but couldn’t beat him.  What are the life lessons?
Work at things to get better and be your best self. Someone will always be better and someone will always be worse. Don’t ever give up. Keep dreaming.
Below is the 12.35 second solve and an article that describes the real life experience of physics and physical science teacher,  Brian Rohrig, who used the Rubik’s cube as a part of his curriculum.  His real life experience validates my ideas.  Thank you Brian!
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