Pick up a pencil. Doodle. Draw.  Paint.  Write. Sing. Dance.  The only audience is you.

We all need creative expression.  It’s about having something to say and saying it, whatever the medium.   Even if you think you don’t have something to say, give it a try.  Everyone should experience the creative process.

Ask the questions, do the research, then find possible answers or solutions.  There may be more than one answer. This procedure may take trial and error.  The best part of this practice is that it can lead to creativity whether for innovation or self-expression.

Just take a pencil and start drawing or doodling. What does it look like?  What does it say to you?

Hear the music?  Sing along, be the star.  Dance as you see yourself in your imagination.

Have journal. Write about your dreams. Draw pictures of things you see in your mind’s eye. It can be somewhere you have been, something you dream, it can be something you want to invent. It can be abstract. Just try it.

So what is this for?  Creative expression is essential.  It is needed for individuals to understand who they are and learn about themselves and about life.  It serves students for discovery and innovation.   It is brainstorming in 3D.

Conventional, test-driven education finds this concept a leap. There is a lack of trust that students will do better on tests if given the chance to discover how to learn.  The creative experience establishes a process.  It is discipline. You have to think about what is next. HOW do I do this?  WHY?  What worked?  What didn’t?   Students learn to question and understand cause and effect.

What’s the difference between creativity for self-expression and creativity for innovation?  Where do they meet or overlap?  They relate to each other-which came first the chicken or the egg? Self-expression and discovery will lead to innovation.  Discovery of self. Innovation for the world.

Tell me about your creative experiences. Did it change the way you think or approach problem solving?  Why do you value creative expression?

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